– Please email us on to book a free trial class. We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm a convenient time for you.

– If you are practising for the first time, please wear loose fitting athletic clothing without zips and bring a water bottle for hydration.

– We will make sure you enjoy your first BJJ class and you will not be required to do sparring until subsequent lessons and you have a basic understanding of the techniques. We are here to help you learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and so you will be gradually introduced into sparring/rolling.

– Women regularly attend our main BJJ classes, we also run a women-only BJJ class, every Saturday at 4.30pm alongside our regular BJJ class.

– We have a 90% student retention rate and we pride ourselves on our safe, welcoming and friendly community atmosphere.


Package Details Pricing
BJJ One Class One Class per week £35.00 pcm by direct debit 1 BJJ Class per week
BJJ Two Classes Two Classes per week £55.00 pcm by direct debit 2 BJJ Classes per week PLUS OPEN MAT
BJJ Three classes Three Classes per week £70.00 pcm by direct debit 3 BJJ Classes PLUS OPEN MAT & OPEN GYM
BJJ Four classes Four Classes per week £80.00 pcm by direct debit 4 BJJ Classes PLUS OPEN MAT & OPEN GYM
BJJ UNLIMTED Five Classes per week £90.00 pcm by direct debit ALL BJJ CLASSES PLUS OPEN MAT AND OPEN GYM
We also give a 10% discount to all full-time serving military, fire and police officers.

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

You can join our BJJ classes, which are explained below, we currently run mixed ability classes for men and women, our classes are for adults only (16 years and older), all our instructors are happy to teach beginners or more experienced individuals.

– We will help you achieve your personal goals for fitness, self-defence or simply to learn to master the amazing art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ is a fantastic way to get in shape and lose weight and improve your fitness and wellbeing.

– We have Black belt and Brown belt champion coaches and we pride ourselves on our helping students rapidly master the basic techniques of BJJ.

– We also offer Open Mat sessions where you can spar and drill in your own time and Open Gym sessions, where you can utilise the exercise equipment and improve your fitness, cardio and strength and conditioning.

– Please see the timetable page on this website for further details of Open Gym and Open Mat timings.

Our men and womens BJJ Classes run every Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm and then 8.30-9.30pm, Tuesdays is a nogi class and Thursdays is a gi class and also on Saturdays 4.30-5.30pm. Your first class is FREE.

You will be taught BJJ by our coaches Richard Pether brown belt every Tuesday and Thursday and blackbelt Rafael da Silva Barros on Saturdays with cover provided by Jeremy Thomas, purple belt, our coaches are well versed in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and are able to teach, grade and instruct for competition and self-defence, you will learn the full repertoire of BJJ chokes, submissions, sweeps and the importance of good balance/base and positioning. Our classes are conducted in a safe and friendly atmosphere and we are proud to be the longest running BJJ club in Maidenhead (established in 2013 with Mark Phung Black belt as our first coach). Our Saturday class is taught by our resident black belt Rafael and there is also a more relaxed atmosphere at our Sunday “open mat” afternoon session, where you can learn to refine your techniques, practice drills and rolling (BJJ sparring). Our BJJ class is also superb for conditioning and strength, so you will improve your fitness whilst learning one of the most potent martial arts in the world. We also host regular seminars with black belts including Mark Phung, Max Campos and Daniel Strauss.

BJJ is generally recognised as one of the most devastating ground fighting arts in the world, brought to Brazil from Japan by Mitsuyo Maeda and other travelling jiu jitsu masters, the Brazilian Gracie family refined the art into a potent blend of submissions, chokes, strangles, leg and ankle locks as well as incorporating various types of guard positions, throwing techniques as well as self defense, the training develops intense levels of fitness in addition to increasing your flexibility and strength, you will learn key aspects of fighting like timing and distancing, which will increase your overall physical ability and improve your level of awareness and self defence capability. Our classes include a warm-up, body conditioning, rolling (on the mats), partner work and all elements of this unique martial art. If you are interested in learning the art or wish to progress to advanced levels to utilise in competition or mixed martial arts, BJJ is the ideal art for you.


If you wish to train in BJJ or learn more about Maidenhead Martial Arts, please contact us beforehand by emailing us at, please note if you just turn-up for a class we may not be able to process your paperwork and insurance in time, so it is best to join beforehand at the times above. All classes will start promptly at the prescribed time.

The class consists of a warm up, technique training as well as sparring. You can also bring a water bottle and your training apparel!

Please be aware after your first free trial class, entry into our martial arts classes including BJJ, can only be granted after activating a direct debit invitation and contract signature. Please also note that you will be required to pay the annual insurance fee of £25 after one years membership, also if you leave and rejoin you will need to pay this £25 as a re-joining fee. Please note if you are on direct debit, after you have completed a full calendar month of training you can cancel with 7 days notice at any time.


Personal Training

If you want individualised personal 1-to-1 coaching in martial arts we can arrange this, there is no better way than to take a personal training session. If it is specialised technique training or a tailored fighter development program you are looking for, then our experienced coaches will be happy to help you. We can also help you achieve faster results or help you aim for a specific competition or sports event.

We have trained all types of people with different abilities, our personal training sessions range from £45 to £80 per hour, please email us at if you are interested in personal training. We also offer athlete nutrition plans including ketogenic diet plans for £55.