You can join our FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) classes any Friday 7.30pm or Sunday at 5.30pm, we run FMA classes for adults and children (11 years and older), we are currently operating our FMA classes on a limited basis due to Covid 19 restrictions, please email us for more information. We incorporate the full repertoire of techniques from FMA into our classes. These include:-

– Grappling/Wrestling- stand up and ground techniques (known as Dumog)
– Stick Work- including double stick and single stick, this is the most well-known element of FMA
– Filipino “dirty-boxing”, this is the empty handed component of FMA (known as Panantukan)
– Edged weapon systems- self-defence against bladed weaponry
– Flexible weaponry- including whip, cadena and scarf
– Kicking- including sikaran and pananjakman
– Staff and long range weaponry
– Self-defence in urban combat situations- including defence against weaponry and empty-handed tactics

The martial art is also called Eskrima sometimes known as Kali or Arnis, is a martial art developed in the Philippines, Eskrima/FMA teaches weapons techniques at close range (corto) and long range (largo) using different angles of attack, zoning and then progresses from stick, through to longer range weapons and bladed weaponry & finally empty handed techniques, a variety of weapons are taught including projectiles, staff (sibat) etc. The art is ideally suited to modern self-defense needs. Beginners will focus upon basic stick work, empty hands and knife self defence. All techniques are taught in a safe manner using padded weaponry etc. The instructor Jeremy Thomas, has trained in Eskrima/FMA for over 18 years with Krishna Godhania ( and has trained with FMA/Eskrima masters in the Philippines. Jeremy is assisted by assistant coach Rick Chandsure who also has over 10 years experience in training with Krishna Godhania. We are happy to teach beginners or more experienced individuals, we will help you achieve your personal goals for fitness, self-defence or simply learning to master this unique martial art.


Package Details Pricing
One X Eskrima Class One Class per week £35.00 by cash, cheque or card
Two X Eskrima Class Two Classes per week £55.00 pcm by direct debit


We also give a 10% discount to all full-time serving military, fire and police officers.


Jeremy Thomas is an experienced Eskrima instructor, experienced in all aspects of Eskrima, including disarms, amara (stick patterns), doublestick (sinawali), bladed weaponry (including tapping and Sayoc kali), sparring and multiple attack scenarios. We also teach latigo (whip), dumog (wrestling), projectiles, pananjakman (filipino empty hands and boxing), espada y daga (sword and dagger) and olisi y baraw (stick and knife), the Warriors Eskrima system is a “complete” system offering a wide variety of drills, practise techniques and self-defence is taught in every class.

Eskrima comes from the Spanish word for skirmish or fencing. It is one of the names in the Philippines for martial arts which use sticks and blades as the basis of their movement principles and training methods.

The martial traditions of other cultures often teach unarmed skills first, and then teach the students to regard a weapon as an extension of the empty hand. In FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), weapons are used from the earliest stages. This has the following advantages:

* It is found to be an efficient way of increasing concentration and coordination, and of reducing reaction time.
* It creates an awareness of using anything as a weapon whenever possible.
* A knowledge of how weapons can be used is the key to being able to defend against them.
* The transference of movement principles from weapon to empty hand, or one weapon to another, becomes apparent from an early stage, increasing understanding and flexibility of response.


Personal Training

If you want individualised personal 1-to-1 coaching in Eskrima arts we can arrange this, personal coaching costs £80 per hour, there is no better way than to take a personal training session. We can also help you achieve faster results or help you aim for a specific competition, sports event or self-defence needs.